Life Purpose Coaching

What is Life Purpose?

Our life’s purpose is almost always tied to that very thing we absolutely love to do, beyond anything else.

This is grounded in the idea that we all have a life purpose and when we align our choices and actions with our life purpose, life flows in a much more beautiful way.

Soul’s purpose is another way of describing life purpose. I use these descriptors interchangeably.

What is a Life Purpose Coach?

A life purpose coach is someone who motivates and supports you to live your soul’s purpose. I work together with you over an extended period of time, usually 6 months, to bring your dreams and goals into reality. 

Soul purpose coaching is not only about making positive conscious choices, but about understand how to make other changes in your life to allow you to achieve your soul purpose. 

It may be that your job no longer fulfils you, of that your relationships are sapping you of energy. Life coaching will take you through a transformative process where we evaluate what you need to change, and then draw on your current skills, talents and abilities to enable you shift focus and become aligned with your soul’s purpose. 

My Diploma in Life Coaching with Distinction, is certified by the Complimentary Medicine Association.

Your first session with me will begin by using Soul Purpose cards as a starting point, as they can help to clarify your intention. 

These are some of the decks that I use: 

Gemstone Guardians Cards and Your Soul Purpose

Intuitive Life Coaching Oracle

Soul Coaching


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