Oracle decks

Oracle decks

Lenormand decks

These cards are named after Marie Anne Lenormand (1772–1843), a French professional fortune-teller of considerable fame during the Napoleonic era. 

They give very direct answers to questions and can be used to get a glimpse of how a situation or particular period time will play out. 

I work with both the original Petit Lenormand deck (devised after Mme Lenormand’s death) and several more modern versions which allow for readings for same gender couples. 

Burning Serpent Oracle

This was the first Lenormand deck to have same gender additional cards. For me, any deck created by Rachel Pollock has a special place in my heart and in my collection of decks. It was through Rachel that I learned tarot and I will never forget her support and guidance. 

Celtic Lenormand

Gilded Reverie

Rana George

Contemporary Oracle decks

There are a huge number of oracle decks available to buy. Many are mass market decks and there are an increasing number of limited edition decks available on Etsy. 

They don’t follow the 36+ cards of the Lenormand system, but have any number of cards, which give guidance, affirmations or words to heal. 

They range from whimsical decks with fairies and animals to Wiccan and witches oracles to Egyptian and goddess decks and every art form in between. 

These are some of my favourites:

Chakra Wisdom

Unique images from mystical fables to break through barriers and make intentions 

Goddess Power Oracle

Strong goddesses, what’s not to like? A stepping stone to learning more about each. 

Messenger Oracle

I love Ravynne Phelan’s art work, her Dreams of Gaia Tarot is another favourite 

Moon Energy

This deep and beautiful deck is independently published and deserves a much wider audience. 

Queen of the Moon

A stylised deck with some compelling images. 

Nature’s Whispers

A gentle deck, with beautiful images that draw you in and guide  towards messages of love and support.

Threads of Fate Oracle

These stunning multilayered cards are so powerful in their message, I love working with them

I also use oracle decks as part of my Life Purpose Coaching work. You can find more information here

A note about deck links

I’ve tried to link to the best possible sites which shows good images of a deck. Links to shops are for illustrative purposes, and may not be the cheapest place to buy a deck. 

Beware of decks that seem too cheap, there are a huge number of fake decks out there, even on sites such as Amazon and EBay. Sellers who claim to send a link to a PDF or give you a Q-code of the deck guide book are almost certainly selling fake decks. 

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