Tarot Decks

Tarot decks

These are the decks that I use on a regular basis. 

Dreams of Gaia Tarot

I love the artwork in this very different deck, it’s amazing images convey deep messages which resonate and enable us to seek, feel, grow and heal. 

Fantôme Tarot

A new deck in 2021, I love the striking images with their Art Deco feel. I instantly connected with these cards and find they give accurate and strong messages. 

Muse Tarot

For creatives, this deck with its colourful reimagining of the suits and photo collage images, is perfect for readings where the client wants guidance on creative ventures. 

Radiant Rider Waite 

This deck is the more colourful edition of the traditional Rider Waite Smith – RWS – deck. The images are the ones most people are familiar with as they are used for generic illustrations of tarot. 

Sun and Moon Tarot

This colourful deck is inspired by the Thoth Tarot, but also has strong Rider Waite Smith influences. It has a natural unaffected multi-ethnic style, which is easy to read. 

Tarot of the Old Path

This was my first deck, and I still love working with it. The images are quite gentle, but the messages it brings are full of wisdom and truth.

Threads of Fate, Weaver – Journeyer

Launched in 2021, this multilayered deck is rich in symbolism but has non-gendered cards throughout both the major arcana and the court cards of each suit.

A note about deck links

I’ve tried to link to the best possible sites which shows good images of a deck. Links to shops are for illustrative purposes, and may not be the cheapest place to buy a deck. 

Beware of decks that seem too cheap, there are a huge number of fake decks out there, even on sites such as Amazon and EBay. Sellers who claim to send a link to a PDF or give you a Q-code of the deck guide book are almost certainly selling fake decks. 

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